Will The Cloud Soon Be Obsolete?

Younity 1.5 was released a few weeks ago and already there is talk that this system is so fantastic, it could render the entire cloud obsolete. That is a pretty big claim to make, naturally, particularly when we see that there are still more and more new providers releasing their own cloud storage options (such as Verizon) and that the number of users who want to have access to the cloud also still continues to grow. So who is this Younity and why are they so great?

What Is Younity?

Younity has been around for a while and currently runs on iOS devices. However, they have now released an update, Younity 1.5, and this one is said to really be a game changer. The features offered by this version are so superior to the previous ones, that people will wonder how they ever did without.

Our biggest feature addition is far and away file sharing. [...] Younity now lets you share any file, stored on any computer, directly to any friend you have.

Essentially, Younity is your own personal cloud, meaning you no longer need anything else. So should cloud providers be shaking in their boots, or is this just the latest hype? After all, it only runs on iOS, even if you can share with any computer.

Obsolete Cloud

Suggesting that the cloud will be fully obsolete is perhaps too big of a claim to make. However, some do believe that they will never need the cloud again. Naturally, this does not mean that nobody will ever use the cloud as soon as they have tried Younity.

As great as cloud-storage and file-sharing services are, they require some degree of planning and forethought to choose which files will be available. Younity changes all of that: It simply indexes all your data wherever it’s stored on Mac OS X or Windows PCs, and then it makes that data-all of it-accessible and shareable from your iPhone or iPad.

Essentially, what makes it so different is that you no longer have to remember to put the files you want to keep on the cloud, as this is done for you.

A Social Cloud?

One of the things that does really set Younity apart from the rest is that it is so focused on the social aspect of file sharing. It brings together the files on all your devices in a single cloud, offering limitless potential. This means that no matter where you are, you can share your pictures with others or listen to your favorite songs.

The caveat to this solution is that all devices in the private network must be on and connected to the Internet in order for their files to be available online. The reason for this is that younity does not copy a user’s files to the cloud, and is not a backup service. Rather it provides cross device file syncing and streaming.

What makes the update that has been provided by Younity so different is that this sharing can now be done through social media, which is a fantastic development.

Will it render the cloud obsolete? Probably not. In fact, even those who use Younite wouldn’t say it is so fantastic that they will never consider anything else again. All cloud storage providers have at some point said that they are the game changer and that they will transform the market. However, instead of that actually happening, what we see instead is a larger range of providers being available. It seems, therefore, that Younity simple is the next in a long list of providers that offers something with a difference.

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