BackBlaze Review 2.0 and Beyond

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Being in the cloud backup industry for a few years now, BackBlaze is a service that offers some of the simplest backup solutions that users can take advantage of when planning to protect their data. Key features of the service include unlimited upload, file size, and bandwidth as well as several other notable characteristics that […]

Just Cloud Review – Is It Right For You

Introduction to Just Cloud Review

For many people who have files they wish to back up or files they wish they can store without having to resort to HDD’s, perhaps you may wish to learn more about the Just Cloud storage system and how you can get it to work for you. With the features that Just Cloud has to […]

BackupGenie Review – How It Works and What You Can Expect

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BackupGenie is a file backup service that provides automated backups and syncing options for individuals and businesses that want to keep their files safe and secure. With backup, syncing, and sharing features, it can be considered as one of the most comprehensive cloud storage products to hit the market. We decided to see for ourselves […]

LiveDrive Review – Backup, Sync, and Store

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In the world of online backup and storage accounts, LiveDrive seeks to provide a little bit of everything based on a customer’s needs with its several plans. Regardless of whether you are a personal or business user, the company claims to provide backup, storage and file syncing, and even cloud hosting services with its plans. […]

Mozy Review – Finding the Right Features Based on Demand

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Mozy was one of the earliest companies to offer online backup solutions to the public back in 2005 when cloud technology was not that popular with consumers. Through the years however, the service has grown and served over 3 million personal users and over 80,000 businesses across the globe. With the number of backup solutions […]

Microsoft Skydrive Review The Essential Features and Functions

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Skydrive from PC software giant Microsoft is the company’s consumer cloud-based storage offering. From the usual 5GB initially provided to free users, one can now take advantage of 7GB worth of free storage space – 25GB if you’ve had a Skydrive account before April 22 of this year. I’ve been following the development of Skydrive […]

SpiderOak Cloud Storage Review – Taking Security To A New Level

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Like most of the popular cloud backup and storage services in the market today, SpiderOak has been offering their services for quite a number of years to people who want more than just the average backup, storage, syncing, and security options for their cloud accounts. The company prides itself in providing the highest level of […]

SOS Online Backup Review – The Pros, Cons, and What It Can Deliver

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SOS Online Backup has been a PC Mag’s editor’s choice for four years in a row, and with an accolade such as this it makes you wonder what the service has to offer for it to be granted this status. Providing options to both business and home users, SOS Online Backup promises to deliver secure […]

CX Storage Review , Sync, and Backup

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CX is a fairly new player in a market that’s almost saturated with cloud-based backup, syncing, and storage services. It offers features which are similar to those of SugarSync and Dropbox while having a number of unique yet excellent aspects that users can really appreciate, one of which is 10GB worth of free storage for […]

Amazon’s Cloud Drive Review: Online Storage at its Simplest

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The Cloud Drive is Amazon’s offering to people who are looking for a reliable cloud storage service without the fuss. It is in fact a supplementary service that Amazon offers aside from its Cloud Player, and if you already have an Amazon account you can easily take advantage of the Cloud Drive anytime you wish. […]

Zip Cloud Review – Cloud Backup And Storage

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With the market already saturated with quite a number of cloud-based backup services, Zip Cloud seems to have earned a huge following in just a short span of time. The company offers unlimited cloud storage and backup for $6.95 per month, which is admittedly more affordable than most. There are a number of aspects to […]

Carbonite Review – Is It Worth Its Weight in Backups

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Carbonite is known as one of the leading backup service providers in the market these days. Started in 2005 and presently headquarters in Boston, the company boasts of having almost 200 billion backed up files and over 7 billion restored files in just 7 years of operation. With all this experience, it is no wonder […]

Dropbox Review – Reviewing Its Features

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Dropbox is a cloud-based storage solution that offers both free and paid accounts to interested users. It is currently one of the more popular cloud storage providers in the market, with a lot of people preferring their services more than other providers. We decided to write a review about Dropbox for readers who are still […]