Oracle’s True Intentions about an Honest to Goodness Cloud Offering Isn’t Clear

Oracle is a business from the 1980s and early 1990s, an era in which it and Microsoft ruled supreme. You can tell by the way it’s adjusting to the inherently different game that is the cloud these days.

Oracle CEO Larry Ellison (Image Source:

More and more businesses are spontaneously spawning in Oracle’s neck of the markets; and though it’s hedged a bit, with stakes in NetSuite and SalesForce, its bread and butter is licenses to databases that are housed on-premise, on-site.

Never mind the spawns, SAP’s been nipping at Oracle’s heels for years. This analyst is keen to point out that Oracle’s chief, Larry Ellison, is way off base, when he says, for instance at a conference the other week, that SAP has nothing in the cloud other than SuccessFactors (which SAP acquired earlier this year), and won’t have anything until 2020.

2020… He’s making predictions about where tech will be, and in particular, where SAP will be in 7 years. “Oracle” indeed.

Across the board, followers and observers of Oracles cloud-based offerings and announcements for the Enterprise and SMBs is that Ellison is milking its old business model for everything it’s got, while posturing as if it’s interested in offering up a honest to goodness cloud based solution.

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