Monkeys In Space? Space Monkey Cloud Storage Is Here At Last!

There has always been something epic about monkeys in space. They were exploring our galaxy long before us and there have been countless stories and movies about potential consequences of this, including Planet of the Apes. However, rather than delivering frightening news about monkeys becoming more cognitively aware, the news has been released that Space Monkey is now offering cloud storage to the masses. Some say that cloud storage will never be the same again.

Space Monkey is changing the way that cloud storage works from the ground up. Traditional cloud storage is hosted in massive data centers. [...] Space Monkey’s solution effectively does away with the expensive data centers, bringing the cloud into your home instead.

This may sound a bit weird. After all, isn’t the cloud designed to make sure your data is always safe? If your home was a safe location to begin with, wouldn’t you just have used an external hard drive instead?

Why Space Monkey Is Fantastic

Space Monkey is great because it is affordable, it is fast and it is different. For a very reasonable payment, you receive 1TB of cloud space that you can use just as any other type of cloud storage. The difference is that you will be provided with a piece of hardware, which, by the way, looks really snazzy and comes in either white or black, that is your own personal data center. In order to pay for this hardware, new customers have to pay for a year of cloud storage up front. After that year, the hardware is theirs to keep and they can continue to pay monthly subscriptions. According to them, not only is this a completely different type of cloud storage, it is also better and faster than all of the other major providers, including DropBox and iCloud.

According to its project page, transferring data between your computer and the Space Monkey cloud will be 15-60 times faster than on services like Dropbox and iCloud, thanks to the included hardware that will automatically duplicate your content in the cloud. Underneath the device’s curvy shell and awesome logo is actually a 2TB drive, where 1TB is completely yours to fill.

Easy to Use

Naturally, another very important feature of Space Monkey that makes it so interesting for regular people is that it is very easy to use. Essentially, anything that is stored on the Space Monkey is broken down into separate pieces, of which half is saved one way, and the other half in a different way. This makes it possible for you to access your files at any time even if the power were to go down, for instance. Best of all, Space Monkey can be accessed through a mobile device as well.

Accessing the network from a mobile device is easy as pie. There’s an Android app that’s already been built and is being tested internally, and an iOS version is about a month away. [...] Uploading and then accessing any content from Space Monkey is crazy fast.

In tests, it literally took seconds for someone to upload a very large picture file to their Space Monkey from New York, and the person in Utah to receive it.

Is it Taking Off?

The big question is, of course, whether people are happy with the service and whether it is going to take off. For that, we only need to take a quick look at the numbers.

The proof is in the numbers of consumers’ storage habits. Today, they chew up 70 to 80 Gigabytes of data on their smartphones. In 2006, it was 10 to 15 Gigabytes.

The goal is to allow people with large data needs to store quickly and conveniently, regardless of the speed of their internet or their bandwidth. And you will also be happy to know that it is a very green piece of technology that doesn’t use much power at all.

The Green Issue

The green issue is a big issue for many people. We are trashing our planet and if a new piece of technology is developed, it should take environmental factors into consideration at all times. This is what Space Monkey brings to the market as well.

the traditional cloud is expensive with the amount of infrastructure required and a number of factors to consider: power, cooling, bandwidth, fire suppression systems, diesel backup generators, expensive networking equipment and network operations center with 24/7 staffing. When they frame it that way, Space Monkey clearly appears like a greener alternative to huge data centers.

Is There a Data Center?

The really interesting thing about Space Monkey is that there is absolutely no data center out there. Instead, all of the data you upload is spread amongst all the other Space Monkeys that are out there. And there are a lot of them. Space Monkey had set themselves a $100,000 target before launch data, and this has now already increased to $250,000 worth of new users.

Where it’s really unique is that your files are uploaded and distributed to all the other Space Monkey devices out there. There’s no datacenter, which keeps the cost low, plus all your data is available even after a disaster because it’s so widely distributed. It’s like a BitTorrent backup. That data is encrypted, so no one else ever gets your files.

So is this Space Monkey and good, or is about as useful as actual monkeys in space? Naturally, these things always come down to person preference. First of all, because you don’t use a data center, your files are stored all over the world so that you can always access them. Secondly, it isĀ  cheap. At just $10 per month for a year, it is cheaper than some services, but we still prefer a full service such as Just Cloud ourselves which is cheaper with better performance.

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