The Best Cloud Storage In The World!

Selecting the Best Cloud Storage for someone else is always a tough proposition. And by best cloud storage, let’s be clear, we are talking about consumer cloud storage mostly… personal use cloud storage, although we do pick a best small business below by popular demand.

We have received a few emails and comments from people asking us what do we think of such and such service or that service and which is the best. The reality is, Who offers the Best Cloud Storage? is a subjective question, at best. I can’t tell you which is the best cloud storage for you, anymore than you can tell me which is the best for me.

What we can do however, is make recommendations based on our own experiences and hope that they help you make a decision that can meet your needs and expectations. What I ask is that if you DO have experience with any of the services we are mentioning here, that you please leave a comment, not only on this page, but on the actual review we have posted for the service, and let us and other readers know about your experiences. Not just the negatives, the positives too.

Unfortunately for too many services the people with bad experiences are always the most vocal, and are the ones who are out seeking to let the world know how they have been wronged. So while we may see a lot of negative comments about some services that may not necessarily be a good barometer of whether it is a good service for you or not. It may simply mean they have a lot more clients than other services so from a purely percentages based experience they are going to have more negative feedback.

Keep in mind that we as a race are vocal when things are going bad, but when they work as they are supposed to, people don’t usually go out of their way to let everyone know it. It is simply expected.

Anyway let me get off my soap box and start rating some Cloud storage services here BASED purely on our experience.

The Best Overall Cloud Storage For Basic Usage

125x125Just Cloud - I have personally been using Just Cloud for close to a year now. And while it is not the fastest service, nor the most secure, nor do they have the best support, from an all around cloud storage service they do what they are supposed to do at a very good price. Honorable mention to Carbonite here, it was a tough choice between so many services to pick the best all around for me. To me the clincher was features for the price. Just Cloud offers the cheapest storage price of all for their feature set, now when you sign up they do hit you up with a bunch of ala carte services, which rub some people the wrong way. And from what I have heard their customer support is lacking, we haven’t seen that ourselves. However from what I have seen and used, their services work great for me for backing up my files. By files I mean files. There are many people that get all up in arms about storage space and want everything in one place, well we don’t do that. We keep photos in two places – one is Shutterfly so we can order prints as we want, and the other is CX – mass storage at great price. We keep our music on Amazon Cloud, and files are backed up to JustCloud, and we use DropBox as well to share files with people we work with. But as an all around service, we use recommend Just Cloud. And with just about every service offering a free trial, why not just try them out yourself and see what you think.

We reviewed Just Cloud Here – OR – You can take a Just Cloud FREE Trial Here.

The Simplest Cloud Storage

DropBox has to be the simplest cloud storage around, the simplicity of their interface however is the reason why many will not choose them, because they are low in features and high in cost once you get past the free 2GB. Nonetheless they have been the clearcut winner for years if you want a simple interface to just drop some files in, not to mention everyone integrates with DropBox. However, recently there has been some serious competition, most notably from CX. CX is not only very similar to DropBox, but they also offer you 10GB of FREE storage vs DropBox’s 2gb for free. We have begun using CX more and more and like it very much. We have the same folder on our desktop where we can drop files to sync, we can share files the same way as in DropBox and CX has apps for Android and IPhone as well. We also store photos in CX and they handle them well along with files. The only thing missing is all the integrations that DropBox has received over the years from various applications and services, but if you don’t have a need for any of them then CX is the clearcut winner of the Dropbox vs CX debate, and our choice for Simplest Cloud Storage.Honorable mention goes to Amazon Cloud, it is best known for storing music purchased from Amazon MP3 Store, however their Desktop app could not be any simpler for uploading file, however their file management leaves a lot to be desired for now. For simple, no frills Desktop Sync CX is awesome.


The Most Secure Cloud Storage

Spider Oak is by far the most secure Online Storage we have found to date. They take their security very seriously and hot damn they are the clear cut winner. For people working with law firms or any other sensitive client data such as financials, social security numbers etc, and having a need for the most secure cloud storage – take Spider Oak for a spin. I was very impressed with it’s all around take on security. First while other cloud storage providers have access to your data, Spider Oak does not. Most if not all services offer 256-bit AES encryption, but Spider Oak encrypts the decryption key as well. Which means that they can not get access to your files. While this means that NOBODY can get to your files if you lose the password, it also means your files are ultra secure. Spider oak also offers two factor authentication, such as with the use of an additional password or PIN. Long story short, if you want the most secure cloud storage, get Spider Oak.

We reviewed Spider Oak Here – OR – You can take a Spider Oak FREE Trial Here.

The Best Small Business Cloud Storage

This is a tough one, with so many vying for this spot we are going with Mozy Pro, with SugarSync Business being very close to first place. The edge really goes to Mozy over SugarSync, for an unfair reason, Mozy is owned by EMC, and if they don’t know how to handle business storage, then nobody does. For those that dont know, EMC is the KING of storage for Fortune 500 businesses. While Mozy’s consumer grade service isnt the cats meow it once was, that was probably by design as the business market is much more lucrative. Mozy’s business plans are second to none when it comes to cloud storage. They have everything any small business would need from personal backups,to server backups, to file syncing and sharing, to user management, to pretty much anything a small business can throw their way.

Check out Mozy Pro here – OR – SugarSync Business here.

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