All About Verizon Cloud Storage

Verizon Wireless is a very well known company and they have recently announced that they are now also entering the world of cloud storage. Service providers across the world are jumping on the cloud bandwagon, as it seems to be almost fashionable nowadays. Whether you think it is a fashion statement or not, the reality is that the demand is there, which automatically leads to supply. Venison has created a platform that will, once completed, make it possible share between Android and iOS devices.

As customers use multiple devices, sometimes running different operating systems, Verizon Cloud will allow for the transferring of some content between Android and iOS devices, making it accessible across smartphones, tablets, and computers.

What the Cloud Option Will Offer

Verizon is not interested in offering a huge cloud option with loads of bells and whistles on. They want something simple – hence why the app will simply be called “Cloud” – that gives users only what they need. As such, it is nothing really new, but rather an added service for customers.

“The service can store content such as call logs, text messages, contacts, photos, videos and music, and it can also stream songs and movies to a user so that he or she doesn’t need to actually download that content to a device. Verizon Cloud can also be used to transfer some content between Android and iOS devices.”

Protecting Valuable Customer Data

One of the selling points for Verizon is that they claim their cloud will actually protect valuable customer data. The reality of life is that a phone is a device that can always be replaced. The real value in the device is actually the data stored upon it. Hence, what Verizon has wanted to do is offer a solution that keeps this valuable data fully safe.

The Verizon Cloud will allow users to backup their data. The Verizon Cloud will also allow users to transfer content to other devices, which should be good for those using a tablet and smartphone. Not to mention, for when it comes time to upgrade. The Verizon Cloud app is able to backup a variety of data including your pictures and videos as well as music, documents, text messages and call logs.

Is There Any Need?

Some people believe that the news that Verizon is now offering cloud storage is one of the weirdest pieces of news available and a clear indication that the cloud really has become a fad bandwagon for others to jump on to. Verizon, according to them, is the perfect example of companies not understanding the economic rules of supply and demand, as there is absolutely no demand for what Verizon is offering.

Verizon keeps throwing these darts at the board, and haven’t caught on yet that we just don’t want this type of thing. Their failed app store should have been proof of that. All that can be done with Cloud can be accomplished more efficiently with Google services, let alone other cloud storage solutions you may be using. With an Android device, Google backs up your contacts automatically, leaving no need for Verizon’s option. It’s nice of Verizon to give customers a storage option, but 500MB compared to the 5GB you get free with Drive is just not going to stack up.

Clearly, some people are less enthusiastic about this development. They feel that Verizon would do better to create something that people actually need and which will set them apart from the crowd. It certainly is true that you can get the cloud anywhere, so is Verizon really making a difference here? Personally we will stick to using JustCloud.

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